10 Tips for Nurse’s Self-Care: Free Workbook


As a healthcare worker, it can be hard to take time for self-care when you’re always so busy taking care of others. But it’s essential that you do. During the pandemic the stress is especially difficult for those in the medical field. Here are a few reasons why self-care is so important: Self-care takes discipline, … Read more

Nursing School: Not for the Faint of Heart

This week is National Nurses Week and May 8th honored Student Nurses.  Few will realize how much work it takes to get accepted into Nursing School, make it through the grueling course work, then graduate–to dedicate their lives to serving others.  This perseverance takes an exceptional person.  What is the acceptance rate of Nursing School? At our local … Read more

8 Ways Nurses Empower Their Patients

Nurses Empower Their Patients Daily

There are many roles that nurses play in a patients life and so many of those roles serve to empower their patient’s lives. Today, May 6th, is the beginning of National Nurses Week. So we’re taking a look at 8 Ways that Nurses Empower their Patients. Can you think of more?

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