6 Keys to Job Satisfaction in The Medical Field

We’ve heard a lot about the ‘Great Resignation’ lately, where scores of people are leaving their jobs. Obviously, these people aren’t happy with their work. But what exactly are the components that make up job satisfaction? If anyone has cause to feel unsatisfied with their working conditions, it seems people in the medical field might … Read more

7 Health Habits You Can Recommend to Patients

Most of us don’t want to miss out on being around for our kids and grandchildren. While there is an abundance of ways to ensure ongoing health, the key to a longer life primarily lies in preventing illness. Here are seven health habits that can lead to a longer life- as proven by science. Dr. … Read more

Nursing School: Not for the Faint of Heart

This week is National Nurses Week and May 8th honored Student Nurses.  Few will realize how much work it takes to get accepted into Nursing School, make it through the grueling course work, then graduate–to dedicate their lives to serving others.  This perseverance takes an exceptional person.  What is the acceptance rate of Nursing School? At our local … Read more

8 Ways Nurses Empower Their Patients

Nurses Empower Their Patients Daily

There are many roles that nurses play in a patients life and so many of those roles serve to empower their patient’s lives. Today, May 6th, is the beginning of National Nurses Week. So we’re taking a look at 8 Ways that Nurses Empower their Patients. Can you think of more?

8 ways nurses empower their patients

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Celebrating the Impact of Hospice Social Workers

Hospice Social Workers driven by a concern for others

What are some of that other characteristics of Social Workers? Find out below! At Bluebird, we want to thank and celebrate our wonderful Hospice Social Workers. We don’t know what we would do without you! It’s hard to quantify how much of an impact these caregivers have in our lives, but here’s a start with some facts about social workers:

Hospice social workers infographic

Infographic Sources:

Find out more about Social Work month! You may also be wondering, just what does Hospice Social Worker do? How can they help my loved one, and family. Recommended reading: 7 Roles of a Hospice Social Worker that May Surprise You