About Progressive Nurse Staffing


Providing Nursing Staff for over 30 Years

Since 1990, Progressive Nursing has been a part of Idaho’s Treasure Valley, offering nursing services for every situation that a caregiver is needed. We specialize in the complex care of underserved populations, including infants, children, and adults with acute illness and long-term chronic conditions.

Veterans Home Health Care

Additionally, Progressive Nurse Staffing offers specialized services for veterans, including a unique “veterans serving veterans” program. Since several of our caregivers are veterans, they can provide the individual support and perspective needed. In addition, they work closely with the VA to help veterans who have PTSD or other physical, medical, or psychological needs.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Progressive Nursing works so well because of its versatility. We can provide long-or short-term assistance with either live-in or come-and-go personnel. In addition, the care covers all demographics based on the needs of the individual. This flexibility is essential when working with teams of medical, behavioral, or psychological specialists to best address the needs of the individual.

We specialize in pediatric care and underserved populations

Progressive Nurse Staffing is fully equipped to deliver top-level quality care that’s right for each patient. Services include home health care, hospice, Advanced Illness Management (AIM), infusion therapy, respiratory care and home medical equipment, hi-tech pediatric support, and numerous other programs.

Progressive Nurse Staffing is serving the Treasure Valley and throughout Southern Idaho; a trusted provider of PRN Health Care Services, Home Care, and Hospice services, including non-medical services and private duty nursing services. Our Home Care clients are people of all ages, physical conditions, and cognitive abilities who desire to remain home.


What’s different about Progressive Nurse Staffing?

Progressive Nurse Staffing is raising the bar in per diem healthcare staffing and traveling nurses.

That starts with Caregiver Hiring

Our top goal is to provide the best level of service possible, so careful consideration is given to the caregiver hiring process. Individuals must pass stringent background checks and meet very high standards. In addition, they must possess a giving heart and the capabilities necessary to adapt to a wide variety of situations. We perform follow-up calls to ensure compliance and compatibility with the individual and their needs. We have many valued staff members that have been with us for years!